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I recently went to visit Jen from My Edible Advice for a food sensitivity test.  With the results and her advice, I have since cut out all things that my body is intolerant to – soy, dairy and corn to name a few and have felt that my overall health has taken a turn to the positive side for once – no stomach pains and no migraines! One of her recommendations was to juice 3-4 times a week to ensure I get all my vitamin dosages (without having to take pills) and boy have I noticed a difference. If you haven’t seen Jen before, I definitely recommend a visit – she was just voted top nutritionist in Vancouver by the Georgia Straight.

This is one of my favorite ‘orange’ recipes!

– 3 carrots
– 2 sticks of celery
– 1 apple
– 1/4 lemon
– 1 sliver of ginger
– Blend everything together and serve chill – enjoy!
image 11

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