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Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations of the year. I’m sure many of you can agree as well. This year, I went DIY and created a watermelon costume. It’s super simple – all you need is a giant red balloon, black acrylic paint, painters tape and your favourite PartySkirt 

Step 1: To keep the seeds consistent in size, create stencils using SCOTCH painters tape
Note: For efficiencies, you can cut a few stencils at a time by placing pieces of painters tape on top of each other.
Step 2: Place stencils all over the balloon and paint over with black acrylic paint
Step 3: Remove the stencils immediately, before the paint dries. Repeat step 2 if more seeds are required.
Note: I personally think it looks much cuter if the seeds aren’t lined up or straight. 
Step 4: Let the paint dry over night.
Step 5: Grab your favourite green PartySkirt (I chose to go with stem green) and you’re ready to go!


DSC_9453-682x1024 DSC_9484-1024x682 DSC_9485-811x1024


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