Life/ gratitude + living

This year has been a whirlwind of new experiences and it’s only May. I was shooting a wedding on Friday and met the grandpa of the groom – a dapper gentleman who just turned 75 yesterday and is still working full-time running his own business along with a huge list of hobbies to keep him busy. We had a great conversation about photography, my start to shooting film and life in general. He mentioned something that really stuck with me. I hear it all the time and Pinterest is flooded with quotes on this but it was different when I heard it from him. He said, “Once you hit 30 you’ll get to your next 30 quicker than the first time time around. Enjoy every breathing moment and when you wake up and you don’t love what you’re doing… quit. Find something else that gets you excited!” I’m so so so so fortunate to be able to live a life I truly love and get to do some amazing things with some pretty rad people around town who are both friends and mentors. This blog post is kind of a word vomit for how I feel right now!

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