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Meraki – doing something with total love and soul. Leaving a piece of your creativity in everything that you do.

Hello, I’m Amy Teixeira (pronounced Tex-ser-rah), I live on the beautiful west coast of Vancouver, B.C. with my husband (Mike), daughter (Aliyana) and pup (Leroy).  I’m also the creator of an amazing passion project turned small business –  Amy Teixeira Photography.

I work in fashion branding for a local Vancouver retailer and before this, I was pacing the halls of an ad agency.  When I’m not working my 9-5, I’m out and about shooting weddings and babies. I initially picked up my camera to snap photos of my dog and to document my travels but my passion for photography quickly evolved into a love for capturing people and moments.

This digital space is where I invite you into my life and personal style. My social outlets are dedicated to my daily shenanigans that is life with a baby (and a grumpy dog), the happenings of our home, life, travel and more. I gravitate towards classic sophistication and drawn to everything feminine and chic so my goal here is to provide you with relatable experiences in hopes that you will find snippets of inspiration to take away.