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Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at a Vancity Business Babes workshop. The topic was on personal branding. Branding is something I’m really passionate about and can talk your ears off for hours and hours so I couldn’t help but say YES when Daniel asked me to part of the panel.

I have a background in marketing and worked at an ad agency for 5 years but when I first started Confetti & Co. I felt like I was starting from ground zero (as if I forgot everything I’ve ever learned). I didn’t know a lot of people and had no idea what it took to start a small business. I met some really amazing people and just started observing and taking notes. I soon realized what worked for me consisted of three main pillars.
1. Branding
Having a strong brand is a really really important. Whether it’s tone, personal style and photography style – keep it consistent so at a glance, your audience will know who it’s curated by. For Confetti & Co, I’m a big believer on clean aesthetic, character and using beautiful photography.
2. What is my brand story and voice? 
Choose 5 facets of your business and life you want your followers to see and connect with.  For me, my brand is celebration, wedding photography, my dog, my life (includes, decor, food and fashion) and travel. A year ago, these weren’t areas I was posting because I was so focused on product but at the end of the day a brand revolves around who I am as a person so I thought for people to fully understand me as a person, they need to see beyond the service I provide.
3. Consistency 
Stay consistent with content, posting, voice and timing

I want to thank everyone that came out to the event. I really hope the stories that were shared will resonate with you and you can apply it to your own brand or whatever business you’re dreaming up.

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_ATP7407_ATP7348 Slip: Aritzia (similar) // Sweater: Oak + Fort // Shoes: Alexander Wang
Rings: Charlie & Lee // Watch: Daniel Wellington


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