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Confetti & Co started three years ago out of love for DIY while I was wedding planning. I met some amazing people along the way that helped me grow, expand into a new line of celebration products and put a stake in the ground for creating unique personalized celebrations. Organically, over the last few years I’ve developed personally, left the advertising agency to start a new job in the fashion industry and began an adventure into wedding photography. It didn’t take much time for me to realize but naturally my own personal brand started to evolved as well.

It took me quite a while to get this going because…. honestly, I was a bit scared (a bit is an understatement). This is a huge transition for me! I always talk about consistency (I even spoke about the importance of it recently at a brand workshop) and now I’m moving away from exactly that. However, I realized that it is OK! People grow and evolve and if I let myself stay static and unchanged, I’m not being true to who I am and the content I’ll produce won’t feel authentic either. It’s really hard when you’re putting yourself out there, you can’t help but judge yourself and be afraid of what others might think or say BUT as long as I’m confident with my decisions and the direction I’m heading in, I think I’ll be A-OK. It’s completely fine to be scared of the unknown, that’s just life as we know it. Onto the next big question…social media. Yes, I am VERY aware that I’ll loose followers on all channels- those people who followed me strictly for party inspiration and now my feed is much more diverse and includes everything that inspires me! What I do know is that I’ll also gain amazing new readers who are passionate about similar things that I am. For that, I’m truly grateful.

So what am I doing now? is my digital space to share all things celebration, wedding love stories, lifestyle which includes food, home decor, fashion and travel (which is a huge part of my life).  This digital destination will also house Confetti & Co. (which will undergo a refresh soon and I can’t wait to share) and Amy T. Photography – one big happy family. I want to thank everyone for following along and all the new readers who just recently joined in on this journey. I’m so excited to see my next adventure grow!

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Jeans: Top Shop // Top: Zara // Glasses: Celine // Necklace: Anice Jewelry 

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