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As you might already be aware, I’m absolutely obsessed with essential oils. It’s my go-to when experiencing, headaches, migraines and cramps (the life of being a women). Growing up, I’ve suffered from severe migraines to the point where I would hide in my closet, press my temples so hard it’ll  bruise and of course let’s not forget ripping my living room clock off the wall because the sound of ticking was unbearable. 

My sister introduced me to Saje Wellness about a year and a half ago. At first, I was really skeptical but after trying it out for a few months, I was hooked on it like a kid on sour patches. The best part, it’s all natural so this means no more advils and tylenols.
I wanted to round up a few of my favourite go-to products, things I can’t live without and have two sets of. One for my home and one in my purse. 

Treating a headache and migraines? Peppermint Halo _ATP7443For stomach cramps? Eaters Digest
Having a restless night? Use Sleep Well in both an rub-on or aroma spray
 full time at the office and off the clock as a wedding photographer can be extremely stressful. I calm my nerves with Stress Release
Overall, I’m just a huge fan of natural remedies. Another HUGE reason why I’m slowly going all natural? Mike and I have been married for 2.5 years and it’s about time we start family planning so gone are the days of popping advil and seeking medications to ease pain. Does anyone have any other tips they would like to share! I’m always open to new ideas! 


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