The Secret is Out

Sep 16, 2016

Family and Home

The secret is finally out! After 13 years. 3 years of marriage. 2 homes and 1 dog. Mike and I are finally expecting our first little bean this January. It’s been kept really quiet until I was 20 weeks for a variety of reasons but one being…. what a busy summer this year has been. I honestly didn’t even feel pregnant during the first 4 months of pregnancy AND by the end of this weekend, I would’ve photographed 27 weddings this year. Personally, I still can’t believe it!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging a bit more about my first trimester experience – the highs and lows. This little life milestone can’t be left undocumented. Does anyone happen to use the Promptly Journal before? I stumbled upon it this week and is contemplating if I should get one or not.

We did our gender reveal last night with the family and IT’S A GIRL!

Mike and I contemplated for the longest time about ‘whether we wanted to find out the gender or not’  but my planner self came out in full force a few weeks ago and I couldn’t say no anymore. I’m so excited to start decorating a nursery in our new home which we’ll also be renovating over the next few months. As one project winds down, another ones starts. I seriously don’t think I’ll ever stop working…..





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