Swiss Zucchini Purée

Oct 23, 2017


I was really excited when Aliyana was ready to start eating solids (at 6 months old), I knew right away I wanted to provide her with the best nutrition possible. I try my best to make her meals using in-season organic veggies I find at Whole Foods and when I recently got the Beaba BabyCook it seriously made me love the meal prepping experience even more.

Over the next little while, I’ll share with you some of my favourite recipes – all prepared within 15 minutes. Now, how awesome is that! The first recipe I want to share is the swiss zucchini purée.

1 cup of chopped (organic) zucchini – Whole Foods
1/2 cup of cubed (organic) potatos – I got this at Westham Island farm
3/4 ounces of swiss cheese

Steps (as easy as 1-2-3):
chop up ingredients
steam zucchini and potato for 15 minutes in Beaba BabyCook
remove vegetables from strainer and leave a little bit of water
put zucchini, potato and swiss cheese into blender and blend until smooth

NOTE: I’m not always that diligent with cooking so when I’m not meal prepping I’m feeding Aliyana the line from Love Child Organics. Just wanted to throw that in there because I wish I was a unicorn mom but I’m not. I just try my best!

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