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May 10, 2018

Family and Home

If you guys are following along my insta-stories you might have noticed that I’ve recently gone back to work. I’m currently working part time as an ecomm strategist for my absolute favourite and most beautiful home decor and design shop in Vancouver.  When I walk into work, all my anxiety and fear of leaving sweet little A is gone at the sight of a beautiful pink door and the pleasant scent of Volupsa candles burning. This space is exactly where I need to be to get my gears going and to add balance back into my life. I LOVE building relationships and this relationship has been something I’ve been building for the last 8 years. I think it was universe setting me up for today.

When I first boxed up my personal belongings for my 12 month retirement, I was over the moon to finally be out of the office and start my journey into motherhood, the thought of being a stay-at-home mom has never been more fierce, especially around the 5 month mark. I’ve always worked really hard (never stopped working since I was 16) and oftentimes had multiple side hustles because I wanted to stay busy so this laid back lifestyle was extremely different for me. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom but I also believe in being a well balanced mom. For me that means, when I’m fuelled with passion and creativity I know I’m a better mother. My wedding photography business is doing great and is going to keep me really busy this summer! I am so excited and beyond grateful to have this creative outlet.

On my mind: Daycare. daycare. daycare.
Listening to: Leon Bridges. I’m so excited to be going to his concert in September!
Current project: Organizing my office. It looks like a bomb exploded in there.
Next project:
 Planting a garden in the yard with Aliyana so she can watch vegetables and berries grow.
Threads on repeat: Blue Jeans (Levis, Citizens, Top Shop) and white t’s
Book: Wonder, I’ve been trying to read this books for the last four months.
Travel Plans: Heading to LA next month. I’m excited to explore Santa Monica, attend a workshop and enjoy some much needed family time.
Wishing I was better: At celebrating success. We don’t celebrate our success enough and it’s one of my goals this year! Cheers to every little win.
Need to stop: Eating pizza.
Need to start: Boxing more regularly again.

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