Tips for Travelling With a Baby Under One

Jun 12, 2018

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Do you have plans to travel with a baby soon? Is your baby under one? Are you heading to a different time zone? This post is written just for you!!

I had all the photos for this post ready weeks ago but haven’t posted it yet because I couldn’t think of what to write. One of my goals for this digital space is for each blog post to serve a purpose and to help make experiences a little bit easier for the next mom. A few weeks ago, my friend asked me for some tips when travelling to Europe with a baby – AH HA. The lightbulb immediately went off and here it is. Here are my list of things that got me through one month in Europe with a 9 month old.

Baby necessities – 

  • A good travel stroller is worth every penny. I have the Babyzen YoYo and LOVE it so much. My friend got the Mountain Buggy for her trip to Switzerland and also didn’t have any issues with the cobblestone roads. Both strollers have shock resistance and is compact and light weight. The recline on the Mountain Buggy is a lot better than the YoYo but Aliyana adapted to naps well in it, probably because she was so exhausted. I definitely suggest getting a sun protector for whichever one you decide to go with. The Mountain Buggy has a sun and rain protector available on Amazon at a great price!
  • I also kept a dark swaddle blanket with me at all times and used it to cover the stroller when she was napping to keep it extra dark. It helped make the naps last longer.
  • Have your carrier with you because some streets are really narrow or too rough of a terrain for the stroller and if they’re not walking yet, it’s going to be really hard carrying them for long periods of time. I personally prefer the mesh carrier so its breathable
  • When Aliyana was napping in the carrier I would always make sure she was wearing a sun hat with the flap over eyes. It made it darker so she was able to nap longer. Happy naps = happy baby.
  • Bring a small travel size bottle of baby detergent, you’ll want to do some washing while you’re there even if it’s soaking out stains in the sink. This way you can pack less and just rotate clothes throughout your trip.

At the airports & on the plane – 

  • If you’re planning to visit a few different cities, show gate agents your baby, they usually always let you fast track so you never have to wait in line.
  • This sounds terrible and gross but when you’re on the plane, put a towel/blanket down on the floor in front of you with a few activities. Your baby will appreciate roaming around when they’re feeling stuck in the seat. If you can, try to get the seat with the bassinet because you’ll appreciate the extra room for them. The bassinet on the plane (unless you’re flying first class) is really crappy so bank on your baby sleeping in it.
  • Don’t worry if your baby won’t sleep on the plane. Just try your best to keep them occupied with stickers, colouring pencils and Aliyana’s favourite- snacks etc. You’re doing a great job and if he/she cries, know that it’s OK.
  • The flight attendants are really amazing and will take your baby for 30 minutes so you can have a snooze. Yes, we gave A away on our flight to to Spain. HAHA.

City days – 

  • If your baby is already eating solids, always have a banana with you or make some PB&J sandwiches for the road. You don’t want to get stuck on the road with little food. Pack different types/shapes of snacks because the variety will buy you more time when you’re trying to google map your next location or enjoy a coffee at a cafe.
  • We were gone for a month but we packed enough Love Child pouches to only last us 5 days. I purchased more pouches when we arrived only because Europe has some of the best food regulations!
  • Babies LOVE to roam regardless if they’re walking, crawling or just sitting I suggest incorporating some free time at the parks.
  • Oftentimes, restaurants don’t have (any or enough) highchairs so you’ll likely be using the stroller as her seat.
  • We took the train everywhere but in Europe, you can hop into a cab/uber without a baby seat. So if you need a quick ride somewhere know that’s an option.

Jet Lag – is UNREAL

  • We threw Aliyana into the European timezone the first day we got there. We kept her up till 9:30pm/10pm (she was fighting us every day) because we didn’t want to be confined to an early bedtime while we were there. It took her approximately  4 days to get on our schedule and on the way back, it only took her 2 days to adjust back to Vancouver time. It’s much easier coming home.
  • There will 100% be night wakings and when they do, keep the lights dim and don’t have any toys out. They’ll get bored and eventually go back to sleep. We just need to be super patient with them.
I hope this was helpful. Europe was really fun and I can’t wait to take her to LA this weekend! I’ll give you guys an update when I return – travelling with a walking, babbling, screaming toddler is a whole different ball game.
The gallery below are photos from our recent trip to Spain and Portugal back in October. We visit Mike’s family every other year and usually stay for a month because there is just THAT much family to visit and amazing food to eat.
My medium of choice is film so most of the images below are shot on my film camera – I just love how it adds a nostalgic touch to everything. I also feel like it makes me a more present photographer when I’m shooting.

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