My own Montessori journey started in 2017 when I entered my first Montessori classroom when Aliyana was six months old. Finding Montessori has helped so much in defining my parenting style and navigating the early years of childhood. It taught me patience, exploration and really slowing down to connect with my children.

I am a marriage and motherhood photographer and documenting my experiences in parenting and life is something I truly love. These quiet, unassuming moments we share at home are often the richest and gives us a sense of beauty and life.

My husband, Mike and two beautiful daughters, Aliyana Rae & Magali Grace inspire me to constantly work hard, get creative and continue to explore.

behind my why

meet amy

Wife & Mom of Two
intentional living
Vancouver, B.C.

I am passionate about creating a joyful home, developing the curious mind and raising responsible tiny humans.

Montessori is expensive!
Let me show you how to create experiences that don’t cost a lot of money. You already have everything you need in your home. 

I am motivated to help other parents introduce this simple and beautiful way of living into their homes.

There is zero structure with a Montessori approach, so how is that beneficial?
Let me show you how to create freedom within clear limits so your child can develop at their own pace.

How can I possibly create a calming space when I have a toddler?
Let me show you how you can create a clutter-free and tidy space while still allowing your child to engage and explore.

Montessori is child led learning and parents, I hear you...