A Week in LA

Dec 1, 2019


A week in LA with a 3 month old and two x 2.5 year old toddlers. We survived! Magali was three months and I had a little dip in my wedding season so we took this opportunity to take a family vacation to California. We decided to go with another family which happened to a good friend of mine and her daughter Mila is also Aliyana’s best friend. Can you imagine all the love and the fighting those two shared spending every single hour together?

We love California, I love the vibe, the heat, the beaches, and that golden light that hits every single photo so beautifully, especially in the early mornings and at sunset. I had two things on tackle list this time around – Disneyland & a trip out to Fresno for a family session with Alex from Daphne Mae Photography. This post is mainly a diary keepsake of our beautiful time we spent together on vacation but I also wanted to share a few things that worked well for us during this trip.

Things to pack:

For the airplane:
Headphones – I got Aliyana a pair of frozen headphones but didn’t show them to her until we boarded the flight. She was so excited about it that she kept quiet and watched a movie the entire time. This was the first time I didn’t have to stress about not having enough stickers or colouring pencils.

In the past when she was younger, this $30.00 buckle toy from Amazon worked wonders. Thought I’d share in case someone is reading this and has a younger toddler who is looking for tools to keep them busy!

Everywhere we went, I had a Herschel travel cases for each of the girls so at any given time, I just had to find their (designated) pouch and I knew every I would need for them would be stored in there. I also pack the girls clothes in these pouches as well – shorts, t-shirts, dresses, undershirts & underwear all went into separate bags so our room never had to look like a bomb went off

Strollers & Carriers:
What saved our lives at Disneyland was the Uppa Baby Vista. I never had any intention to get one and Mike thought I was being a bit insane for running to the store 5 days before we had to leave to buy a brand new stroller but I couldn’t be more happy that I did. When we were at DisneyLand, all the girls would rotate naps, Aliyana and Mila would take turns curling up the bassinet for their hour long naps. I also got the infant insert so everything worked out perfectly!

The Beluga Baby sling was great for those times Magali didn’t want to lay in the bassinet. I did find that this came in handy quite often during our trip, especially at the airport. The best part, it rolls up really small so it doesn’t take up too much room.

If anyone has any questions about travelling with babies or gear, feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to help answer any questions.

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