Introducing @RaesdwithGrace

Jan 14, 2020

Family and Home

The time has finally come to close one chapter and introduce another. This has been on my mind for a few years now – pretty much since I closed Confetti & Co. 4 years ago. Today, I think I’m finally ready. I know it’s just an instagram handle but so many memories, connections and friendships were born from @theconfettiandco. It’s hard to let something so amazing go but deep down in my heart I have such a wonderful feeling about this and it’s going to be a beautiful transition.

My sister and I spent countless hours every Thursday afternoon chatting business and life, I can’t even remember how long its’ been since I’ve started searching for the perfect name for my transition. Over dinner one night, my sister’s lightbulb went off and voila, @RaesdwithGrace was born. She’s the silent MVP in my life and I’m forever grateful my mom decided to give me a sibling when I was 5!

@RasedwithGrace is filled with love, light and fire, exactly how my girls and family makes me feel. I have been deeply connected to the name Grace (not sure when or how that happened) so when my girls were born, they each possess a little bit of that name, Aliyana Rae (Rae: scottish origin means grace) & Magali Grace.

Thank you for following along on this journey as I continue to share all things montessori-at-home related and bits and pieces of my life – both the messy and magical.

These beautiful memories were taken by the talented Alexandria Smith of @lovedaphnemae

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