Aliyana’s 3rd Birthday

Feb 29, 2020

Family and Home

After having relatively larger parties for Aliyana first two birthdays, I realized I wanted to do something different for her 3rd. Birthday celebrations usually come along with a lot of ‘stuff’ and we are so beyond blessed to have such generous friends and family that love her so much. However, as you know I’m not super keen on clutter and prefer a slightly curated selection of activities and learning materials. In the past years, we have asked family members not to give lavish presents but instead gift her a book or provide us with ways to give her more experiences that will develop gross motor skills – swimming classes, ballet lessons, gymnastics to name a few.

This year, I had a (Frozen themed) playdate for Aliyana’s birthday. I invited her 3 best friends to come for a playdate. The only difference was cake cutting at the end and we had a few balloon decorations. I was in love with the balloon bundles, Carlos and his team totally brought my non-tacky Frozen theme birthday to life. The kids had so much fun and left with big bellies and their hearts full. At first, I was feeling all the mom guilt possible for not doing the big party but in the end, I was so happy with this direction. Aliyana was over the moon and our home stayed happy!

Cake – Jenny Bakes
Balloons – Balloon Studio
Flowers – Celsia
Party Hats & Utensils – Meri Meri from The Cross Design

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