This Pregnancy Journey

Nov 22, 2016

Family and Home

Currently at 30 weeks pregnant (with 10 weeks left, YIKES), this pregnancy has been rather smooth sailing but NOT without any road bumps. Despite dodging the morning sickness bullet, I did experience the emotional roller coasting, the 3pm uncontrollable yawns, and the back pain.

However, that’s not what I wanted to write about today….. Over the last 30 weeks, I’ve really tested my ability to see how far and how much I can push myself because I really didn’t want to fit into the perception that pregnant women should just relax and coast all three trimesters – that’s a super traditional (in my case, Asian) way of thinking because my family just kept telling me I can’t do this, I can’t eat that, I shouldn’t exercise  blah blah blah…..  I didn’t even dare to tell them I was still boxing up until week 28.
I kept my pregnancy private for 5 months and it wasn’t until my last summer wedding of the year (wedding #25) when people started to find out. One of the main reasons I did this was because from what I’ve seen and heard in the past, I just notice people start to treat you differently once they find out you’re pregnant and I didn’t want that. You are your own limit and I’m sure your body will let you know when its’ had enough. With that said, breaking point officially happened to me on Sunday night. Work has been extremely stressful over the last month and with prepping for our new arrival, undergoing huge renovations and planning my baby shower, things just got little too much and I officially broke down, physically. On Sunday night after my baby shower I literally could not move a limb (not even my head off the pillow), I believe that was a sign that I need to slow down and finally rest.  Each pregnancy is very different so despite how much you want to push yourself, your body has limitations and we need to respect that. I’m grateful I’ve been able to do SO SO much over the last couple of months but I think it’s time to finally kick up my feet and enjoy the last 10 weeks with this baby bump! I’m really sad that it’s almost over but I’m also really excited to meet her.

To end this post, I wanted to share the maternity shoot I did with my gal pal, Christine Pienaar Photography. I didn’t want anything cheesy and I think she hit it out of the park!  To top it off, this entire session was shot on film – I’m so proud of you, Christine!
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amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-15amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-49amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-37amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-38amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-47amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-112amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-104amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-8amy-mike-maternity-cpienaarphoto-90White Dress: Oak & Fort |  Scarf: Aritzia | Shoes: Vans | Flowers: Botany and Co

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