Aloha from Maui

Nov 5, 2016


I just got back from Maui last week and it was seriously the best time ever. I think the craziest part about this trip is that the next time we go back, we’ll be eating shave ice and sipping on coconuts as a family 3 + leroy (our first born). I can’t believe we’re only 3 months away from meeting our little bean.

I take a lot of photos (and I mean A LOT) when I travel because I never know what I want to reference or look back at later on so everything and anything beautiful gets captured. This trip was a bit different, I’ve been exploring film this past year so with a nudge from a friend I challenged myself to shoot 90% of this trip on 35mm film. YIKES! In a digital world where photos can be sent directly to your phone, it’s scary to not be able to see images right away and really trust my eye.
The remaining 10% is  extra fun – I always lug around my travel tripod because I don’t trust others with my camera and this is when I get Mike to do silly things with me so I can capture those in between moments. Until I get my film scans back, here are some of my favourite moments.

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