Baby Favourites: My Diaper Bag

Mar 25, 2018

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Aliyana is now a year old which means I have officially been using baby products for just over 365 days. I originally wanted to start reviewing little human products much earlier but then I realized I wouldn’t have given the items enough time to experience the good, the bad and the ugly (if there was any).  I’m going to be reviewing products over the next couple of months so I hope these posts will be helpful for anyone in the market looking for specific baby items. First up, the diaper bag.

The Fawn Design Diaper Bag:
I love that this bag is made by a mom who realized there was a void in the market and filled it beautifully with this design. Simple, spacious and down right stylish. Did you know she started selling her first ever bags at a craft fair?  I searched near and far for the perfect diaper bag and was even going to fork out big dollars for a designer one which I’m SO glad I didn’t. If anyone is wondering, I was looking at both the Prada Diaper and Marc by Marc Jacobs Biker bag but seriously, they were big, bulky and absolutely not practical. It was a terrible idea and I’m glad the money saver in me didn’t allow myself to splurge.
In my opinion, a diaper bag really needs to be a backpack. Period. Something that won’t fall off your shoulder so you constantly have two hands for your baby. The Fawn Design bag is everything above and more. I’ve been using it for over a year, travelled with it for over a month and love it so much I bought it in the light grey as well. There is a ton of room- 5 inner slots and an enclosed zipper pocket at the front and inside of the bag for your keys and cellphone.

Although the Fawn Design do have multiple slots, it still wasn’t enough for me. Like most diaper bags, it’s usually one giant hole for your stuff to get lost in so the organizer in me bought the mini tote savvy to organize all my diapers, wipes, creams, extra clothes, bibs and any random stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else. I LOVE incorporating the mini tote savvy daily because whenever I need to change Aliyana at a public place Mike stays with the bag, stroller etc. and I’ll just take the tote savvy and baby. Less things to carry into a germy bathroom the better!

The material of the diaper bag is super durable, the black never got dirty and if I spilled anything sticky it can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe down. I travelled to Europe and this was beyond perfect. I had all of Aliyana’s stuff (including food, snacks and outfits for an entire day) and was still able to add 3-5 rolls of film and a DSLR in it comfortably.

Purchase your Fawn Design Bag and Mini Tote Savvy

Please note: all of the reviews are my own. This is not a paid or sponsored partnership. Thanks for reading! 

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