The Nursery Tour

Jan 19, 2018

Family and Home

Over the last 10 months, there were so many things I wanted to share and document but I soon realized it’s much easier to document everything (since baby and camera are both joined at my hip) but finding the time to edit, write and post is much more challenging than I had originally anticipated. Heading into motherhood, I honestly thought I would have all the time in the world to do ALL of my favourite things but it quickly gave me a reality check. So here I am, finally feeling much more energized because I got off my butt to start working out again. I literally did my first class on Friday and these photos were taken on Sunday morning. How about that for endorphins.

We renovated my childhood home in East Vancouver and  the plan was was to have it completed before Aliyana arrived but of course that didn’t happen. We ended up finishing the renovations in late Spring and moved in early Summer 2017. I spent a lot of time designing and curating the nursery and I’m still not quite there yet. I need a rug and a few other knick knacks to complete the space. I always knew home decor and design is not an overnight process so I’m not rushing into anything – the space you see is what I have to date and I’m pretty happy with it.

I wanted the the nursery to be classic and timeless. I didn’t want to use finishes that I’d get bored of after a year or use something super trendy. My goal was to create a functional yet transformable space for all of her little milestones.

The entire room was painted in Simply White. We did a classic wainscotting 3/4 up the wall and painted it in Chantilly Lace to give it a little pop of (whiter) white. The first thing I purchased for the room was the beautiful floral mobile you see below – I waited and waited until it popped for sale on Etsy and literally snatched it up within 10 seconds of it being posted. It was the best decision I ever made as the mobile shaped the rest of the planning.

The crib was one of the hardest decisions because I didn’t like any of the ones I saw at the local baby stores – everything was either too modern, too glam or too simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love those styles but it just didn’t fit my overall vision. I had a very specific crib in mind so I kept searching…… I finally found “THE ONE” on Pottery Barn Kids online and I took the photo to the store on South Granville only to be told that it’s a 10-12 week wait, triple the price tag and had to be ordered from the States. I ordered it anyways. The bed skirt, bumper and chandelier is also from Pottery Barn Kids. Can you tell I’m absolutely obsessed with that store?

My mom was doing some purging and in the junk pile I found this little Winnie The Pooh ‘A’ that use to be mine when I was a kid – I managed to save it from going to the dump and now a little piece from my childhood is in Aliyana’s room.

Joanne from The Modern Fort came by to check out the space because I wanted her to take a look and let me know how I can transform her room and our home for Aliyana’s growth and development when she’s ready. During the initial visit, she suggested I add a pop of colour to the feature wall and together we picked our these beautiful blush dots from Urban Walls.

I knew I didn’t want a traditional change table and the classic one everyone gets from Ikea was just a bit too tall for me so Mike ended building me a custom dresser that I can also use as a change table as well.  I got a NOOK change cushion to put on top and it turned out perfect!

The nursing chair. This was a huge one for me because I wasn’t sure if it was a necessity or a nice to have. These chairs are expensive and BIG but ask me this question now and I’ll 100% tell you it’s a necessity especially for those late nights or sleepless nights. I owe a lot of my sanity to this chair, it kept me extremely comfortable when sh*t got tough. I still spend a lot of time in it – rocking, reading and cuddling both of my babies.  My only suggestion to anyone looking for a nursing chair is to find one that has a high back and is super comfortable. Please please please don’t buy a chair for the looks because you’ll quickly regret it. This one is the Monte Como.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and the story behind the design. Nothing in this post was sponsored but if you would like to see where you can purchase these items, I’ve linked them at the end of the post! xx


Elsie Crib – Pottery Barn Kids
Dahlia Chandelier – Pottery Barn Kids 
Floral Mobile – Rosy Rilli Shop 
White Pouf – The Cross Design 
Wall decals – Urban Walls 
Knit Blanket – Yarning Made 
Rocker – Restoration Hardware Kids 
Books – Chapters/Indigo
Nursing Chair – Monte Como 
Bows – Arrow + Lace / Little Luba
Handmade Kitten – Lucky JuJu
Moccasins – Mini Moc 



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