Baby Favourites: My Travel Stroller

May 1, 2018

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Light, compact and fits into the overhead compartment on the plane. Gone are the days of checking your stroller at the door and waiting for the flight staff to retrieve it when you arrive at your destination. We also didn’t have the luxury of time since our connecting flight was taking off 1.5 hours after we landed in London.
I was really worried about the handling on cobblestones but it was surprisingly good, not amazing but it did great for a travel stroller. I love that it had a decent size basket at the bottom – this was were I stored my tripod, film camera, water bottles, hats and jackets. The seat reclined to a ~45 degree and was comfortable enough that Aliyana had no issues  napping in it. The canopy also provided ample of shade. There is also a small mesh pocket in the back of the seat where you can store small items like your wallet and cellphone. Very few strollers in the market have extra storage like this. My absolute favourite thing about the Yoyo is the “one hand everything” – open and fold with one hand, steer with one hand and it was smooth like my Bugaboo Cameleon. The maneuverability is outstanding and it’s narrow enough that you will never get stuck in the narrow streets of Europe. I tested out so many travel strollers but all of the above paired with the extra compactness won me over. The stroller that came in a close second was the Mountain Buggy but I liked the look and the canopy of the Yoyo just a tad bit more.

– lightweight
– compact
– one hand open and close
– smooth handling with four wheel suspension
– additional storage behind the seat
– can change up the canopy and seat colour (if you would like)
– it’s also compatible with the Maxi Cosi and Nuna carseat (adapter sold separately)

– $$$
– seat doesn’t recline fully
– less seat depth so if you have a tall baby, it might not be super comfortable.

I purchased my Babyzen Yoyo at Lusso Baby on South Granville.

Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. I can speak to it with heart and soul! You will use these items for a loooonnnng time, trust me you won’t regret it.



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