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Jun 4, 2018

Family and Home

We all know that peony season is short lived so I really wanted to make a trip out to the peony farm the weekend it opened. It was also my last free weekend before wedding season officially starts so it was such a great way to wrap up my “free time” with a quick family trip to Flowers from a Country Garden. It was their opening weekend so I anticipated it to be fairly busy BUT just our luck, we missed the rush and were the only ones there! We had an opportunity to chat with the owner Bill, who told us that the flower farm has been in the family for over 30 years. His daughter Judy now runs the business and within seconds of talking to her, you’ll know her passion and love for growing flowers is beyond real.

For $10 bunches, I would’ve bought a dozen bunches home but let’s be real I couldn’t spend all my money on flowers so I let Aliyana pick two colours (basically whatever she gravitated towards) and that was what we bought. Although we left with beautiful flowers, what mattered more to me was capturing memories with A who is growing up way too fast these days. Mike our instagram dad/husband took over the camera as we explored and got some footage for me to even put together our first ever video! Don’t forget to check it out.

How do you keep your peonies fresh? Here is what I do. 

  1. Snip the stems at 45 degree angles
  2. Fill the vase up all the way with ice cold water (add a little bit of flower food)
  3. Drop in an ice cube on day 2
  4. On day three, pour out the water and re-fill the vase with ice cold water (add flower food)
  5. Drop in an ice cube on day4
  6. Repeat steps 4+5 for the remainder of the week or until flowers are ready to be thrown into compost.

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