May Photo Challenge

May 2, 2020

Photo Tips

These photo challenges are meant to help you preserve a memory. I am always one for tangible memories so I print a lot of photos so I can display around the home or just to have in a box. I strongly suggest to print out at least one photo a month. At the end of the year when you review these memories, I promise that these little moments you printed throughout the year will bring you joy and abundance and reminds you nothing else matters at the end of the day (except these tiny curious humans).

This month, I want you to take a photo of your little ones in the middle of their favourite daily routine. Whether its homeschool (due to COVID-19), bath time, storytime or you tucking them into bed). Set up a self-timer or use a tripod so you can be in the photo too.

Last month’s photo challenge was to find a beautiful pocket of light in your home or outdoors and photograph you and your little ones doing a fun activity together. Doing a puzzle, baking or just sitting around the table eating breakfast.

April 6, 2020
Tangled Limbs / The warmth of the sun beamed down on us as we sat in the backyard trying to locate the woodpecker. It felt as though time stopped for a brief moment, no one was upset or needed me for anything other than my presence. All I felt was a sense of calm in this current chaos.

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