what is MOTHERHOOD photography?

May 21, 2020

Family and Home, Photo Tips

We wait and we wait. The moment is here and we finally get to live the dream that we’ve been dreaming. Then we find out about the struggles and the anxiety that come along with this beautiful new role. We have become their protectors and their guiding light. Each day feels like a marathon of feeding, naps, piles of laundry, and never ending cleaning.

MOTHERHOOD is the early mornings before sunrise and the 3am rocking chair. We are the keepers of all the special moments that no one else gets to see. Each day our bonds grow stronger without us even recognizing it. The bond and connection is what we want to preserve and look back at during those later years.

Moms, I see you! These early years are so incredibly rewarding yet extremely difficult to navigate. On most days, I find myself on autopilot with little left to give. When I hit my lows, I start looking through these memories to remind me why I am on this journey.

I want to help you celebrate your MOTHERHOOD and to remind you of the everyday love.

My MOTHERHOOD sessions are about celebrating you and what you’ve created. The tiny hands, the messy hair, the tangled limbs, the radiant smiles, the no smiles, and most importantly the unraveling bond between you and your littles. I see your experiences too and I want to document them in the softest most intentional way possible.

Magali turns one on June 7th and I wanted to celebrate another year of motherhood. This session was directed and taken by me via a tri-pod and with the help of my husband.

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