June Photo Challenge

Jun 18, 2020

Photo Tips

With all of these worldly situations happening, my June photo challenge has been a bit delayed. But here we are, 2 weeks into June and I’m determined to get this month’s challenge in the books so I don’t forget this pivotal month in 2020.


Summer feels near for many of us in Vancouver and some of you are already embracing the warmer weather this season is bringing. Is there anything that your little ones are experiencing for the first time or that you’re doing for the first time in years? It can be anything from introducing them to all the glory of a water table, sand in between their toes, blowing bubbles for the first time, eating cake, catching their first ladybug, making a fort in the backyard, or you riding a bike with a baby in tow. Whatever that first or unfamiliar moment is, document it. These are candid memories we look back at each new summer or at the end of each year to reflect on the beauty of this motherhood journey.

Last months photo challenge was a photo of your little ones in the middle of their favourite daily routine. Whether its homeschool (due to COVID-19), bath time, storytime or you tucking them into bed). Set up a self-timer or use a tripod so you can be in the photo too.

May 6, 2020
Abuelita / Every Wednesday, Aliyana and Magali gets to spend the day with their abuelita. It’s a special routine that Aliyana looks forward to since she was 18 months old. I came out of the washroom and caught this playful scene of A dancing with my mother-in-law while M watched from the sidelines (this was only a few days shy of her first steps). I snapped this photo quickly with my iPhone because I never want any of them to ever forget their special bond with each other.

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