The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake

Oct 5, 2020

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Our last trip of the summer was a great one! You’ve probably heard this many times but COVID allowed us to explore our own backyard and it led us to The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake. It was our first time there and it left me with some beautiful family vacation memories and a calendar reminder to re-book again for next summer.

The Cottages were quiet, peaceful, and incredibly relaxing. Our house was situated at the top of the hillside overlooking Osoyoos Lake. I was always one of the first to get up in the morning so getting to enjoy a coffee with a stunning backdrop (in peace) was such a treat you don’t get in the city. There was more than enough space for the kids to run around and play. We had access to a private beach and The Cottages had their own pool so we never had to leave unless we were picking up groceries in town.

A few things I’d suggest packing if you have young children.
1 – Bikes. It’s really nice biking around the “compound”
2 – Bubble Machine (battery operated) and extra bubbles
3 – A blowup pool so they can cool off in the yard
4 – Bath toys to use in the blowup pool
5 – Outdoor games, because you’ll be spending 90% of the time outside.
6 – Art supplies. I brought along a container full of paint, paper, crayons, stencils, stickers, stamps, and colouring sheets. This is great for quiet time (if your kids are a bit too old for naps)
7 – Lifejacket

If you haven’t been before, I highly recommend this side of Osoyoos Lake, we took a drive through the main downtown core one day and it was bonkers with so many people everywhere…. I felt safe and at ease staying at The Cottages. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the trip.

  1. Suman says:

    Hi! What do the cottages call or where should I look online if I need to book these cottages? Thank you would appreciate that ! ❤️

    • Amy Teixeira says:

      I booked this on AirBnB – google Osoyoos cottages and the ones available should pop up 🙂

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