Seeking Nostalgia: My Favourite Tiny Film Camera

Feb 16, 2022

Photo Tips

The question I get asked very often is, in a digital age how come you’re still shooting film. My motherhood work is mostly shot on film with the exception of some digital backups. I love film and I can spend hours telling you all the reasons why I love it. I think my absolute favourite thing about it is the way the images make me feel when I see them developed. It reminds me of a childhood that is perfectly imperfect. It reminds me of those carefree, ice cream dripping down your arm sitting on the playground swing kind of day. It reminds me of 80’s fashion and the grainy images simply make me happy.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years collecting cameras and I purchased one last May that really took me back to the basics and allowed me to feel what it felt like to be present with my children. We spend a lot of time on our phone and our kids certainly see that so I encourage you to try something different and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do too.

SHOW camera is a small reusable plastic film camera that fits in the palm of your hands and can easily slide into your Shacket or Super Puff pocket. For this itty bitty reason, it has been my go-to (especially with the kids) the last few months. I bring it everywhere with me…. to afterschool pick-ups, park dates, walks, the mall, the grocery store, and even sushi dates. It’s really that great!

Film: I use Fuji 400, Portra 400 or Portra 800 – you can buy these from Beau Photo

Developing your film: You’ll need to get the finished rolls developed and scanned. Here are a few places you can check out – Kerrisdale Camera, The Lab Vancouver, Photovision (USA), Canadian Film Lab, The Find Lab (USA), Richard Photo Lab (USA)

Here are a few scans from some past rolls:

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