The Teixeira Home Renovation Update

Feb 24, 2022

Family and Home

When I was designing our home, I wanted the space to be bright, warm and inviting. I wanted this to be a place where friends and family would want to gather throughout the seasons. I love entertaining but I haven’t been able to host much because our living quarters were always a bit tight, plus covid didn’t help.

I’m drawn to a cozy minimalist home with subtle English elements. It sounds bizarre because those two design directions couldn’t be farther apart. I’m secretly glad it has taken us this long to complete the project because a year ago me would’ve designed this space a bit more coastal as that’s what I’m familiar with and probably would’ve rushed to finish the reno in order to move in quickly. However, given the additional time and supply chain delays, I got the opportunity to figure out what I really wanted and what will make my design intentional. I know I didn’t want a home that is filled with current trends or what Studio Mcgee did on Dream Home Makeover. I want our forever home to be timeless and truly reflect my family and personal style.

I’m sharing with you the vibe of our new house. I’m using a lot of natural stone, concrete, zellige tiles, ULB finishes and lime wash paint to really bring the organic and lived-in feel into the space.

Lastly, I don’t think I’ve ever shared the rendering of our future home. This reno is done in a phased approach so this might be phase 10 of the project or when we win the lottery. We hired Su Casa at the beginning of our journey to help re-design the front and back elevation and I think they did a pretty amazing job. Eventually, Mike and I want to do an addition on top of the garage which will be our future primary suite.

Now that work is starting up again and things are arriving, I’m sure house updates will happen much more often.

  1. What a dream project! I hope to be able to do something like this one day Amy 🙂

    Teach me when that time comes!

    – Camille

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